Forefront Engineering Solutions : Supplier of RoeVac ® Vacuum Sewer Systems, South Africa

Forefront Engineering Solutions is the Sole Supplier for
the RoeVac ® Vacuum Sewer Systems in South Africa


RoeVac ® Vacuum Sewer Systems (Outdoor)

This is an alternative to gravity sewer systems for the collection of waste water read more...

RoeVac ® Sanitation Systems (Indoor)

Specialised sanitary installations can be used in buildings with high or varied wastewater flows read more...

RoeVac ® Train, Marina and Airport evacuation systems

The evacuation system is ideal for the removal of wastewater from trains, aircraft, boats and ships read more...


Images courtesy Roediger Vacuum

WHY RoeVac ®

  • Not dependant on gravity
  • Lower construction costs
  • Shorter construction period
  • Water savings
  • No leakage or odours
  • No manholes
  • Ecologically friendly

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