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Functional Description Diagrams

RoeVac ® Vacuum Sewer Systems (Outdoor)

This is an alternative to gravity sewer systems for the collection of waste water with the following advantages:
  • Savings in construction costs.
  • Shorter construction periods due to shallow trenches.
  • Smaller diameter pipes (d90 - d250)
  • Flexible pipe construction, making avoiding of obstacles easy.
  • Water and sewer mains may be installed in the same trench.
  • Closed system with no leakage or odours.
  • No manholes.
  • Central vacuum station can replace several lift/pump stations.
The vacuum sewer system provides major advantages over conventional gravity sewer systems in the following circumstances:
  • Flat terrain.
  • High ground water table.
  • High variable wastewater flows (tourist or recreational facilities).
  • Difficult ground conditions (rock, unstable soils, swamps).
  • Very low density developments.
  • Crossing natural/manmade obstacles (rivers, bridges).
  • Ecologically sensitive areas.

RoeVac ® Sanitation Systems (Indoor)

Specialised sanitary installations can be used in buildings with high or varied wastewater flows (tourist facilities, restaurants, commercial buildings).

The system uses air, rather than water, as a transport medium, greatly reducing the water consumption per toilet flush. The application is flexible and independent of a natural slope.

The main advantages are :
  • Water saving - only 1 litre per flush.
  • Reduced wastewater treatment.
  • Flexible construction - not dependent on gravity.

RoeVac ® Train, Marina and Airport evacuation systems

The evacuation system is ideal for the removal of wastewater from trains, aircraft, boats and ships.

Aircraft evacuation system advantages:

  • Less vehicular traffic on apron.
  • Less manpower required (centralised operation).
  • Time required for the evacuation of waste water is reduced.

Train and Marine evacuation system advantages:

  • Compact system.
  • Drop and odour free evacuation.
  • Shorter timeframes for evacuation.

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Overall picture


The chamber is fully emptied when the vacuum valve opens


Components of a vacuum sewer system


The collection chambers and vacuum collection line


The vacuum station

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WHY RoeVac ®

  • Not dependant on gravity
  • Lower construction costs
  • Shorter construction period
  • Water savings
  • No leakage or odours
  • No manholes
  • Ecologically friendly

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